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5 HTML SEO improvements that work


There are numerous things that can be done to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) result of an HTML web page. In this SEO post we'll explore 5 HTML basic improvements that can be made to help your SEO results work.

What is SEO exactly

SEO is the process of making small changes to the structure and content of your website to improve readability for users and discoverability for search engines. While these changes might seem small individually, when combined with other optimisations, they can have a significant impact on your website's performance in search results and user experiences.

Here are 5 HTML SEO improvements that work to make to your website:

1) Optimise page titles and meta descriptions: The title tag and meta description are the first things a search engine and a user see in search results. If you make sure they are concise, descriptive, and include relevant keywords this will help search engine bots and users understand what your webpage is offering in terms of content.

SEO Attribute search results

2) Use header tags properly: Header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) help search engines and users understand the structure of your content. Use them to organise your content and make it easier to read.

SEO Heading tags

3) Improve page speed: A slow loading page can negatively affect user experience and search engine rankings. Optimise images, reduce the number of HTTP requests, and minify CSS and JavaScript files to improve page speed.

SEO Attribute page speed results

4) Publish high-quality, relevant content: Creating high-quality and relevant content can improve user engagement and increase the likelihood of getting backlinks from other websites as you improve your authority on your given subject. To achieve authority you need to ensure that your content is unique, informative, and valuable to your target audience.

5) Build quality backlinks: Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site. Having quality backlinks can improve your website's authority and relevance, which can positively impact search engine rankings. Reach out to other websites in your niche and try to earn links back to your website through guest posts, partnerships, or other strategies.

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