SEO Attribute frequently asked questions

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I'm confused, what exactly do you do?
We provide guest posts for you with your back link to your site to improve your SEO with a guaranteed dofollow, indexable, permanent link.
What is guest posting?
Guest posting is an SEO strategy used to get links and mentions to your website from other websites that then help improve your websites ranking.
Will I get a link back to my site and will it be a dofollow link?
Yes, you will get at least one do follow back link with link text of your choice within a post.
What information do I need to provide?
The minimum we need is the link to your website and the text you wish to have within the link, optionally you can provide some keywords and topics if you wish.
How soon will I see a post with a link back in it to my site?
We aim to get the custom created post written and published within 3 days. You will be emailed when the article is live.