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George Bellos

George owner of Ela Quad Safari

I had a Wordpress site that was constantly attacked, very slow due to lots of plugins to achieve what I needed. In just a month I have a new site that is fully optimised, on cheaper hosting with a much faster site that has been created with search engine optimisation in mind but also to fit my preferences which I know compromises from pure SEO performance. I'm happy and will continue to pay for advice and support to help my business grow. Ela Quad Safari is my business.

Guest blogging for SEO backlinks

A study by SEMRush found 53% of digital marketing specialists say that guest blogging (or guest posting) is the most effective way to gain backlinks.

Aira in 2020 found that guest blogging was the 3rd most effective way to build backlinks over half of respondents said they use it.

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