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Choose a URL and let our service check your page for SEO improvements. Within a few seconds we can run some checks on your chosen page and report back some easy to implement changes or confirm if you have all the common elements in place already for great SEO.

The FREE SEO tool will give you an SEO audit in seconds

Using our SEO tool you'll be informed on the following details:

  • Document title - whether you have a readable title tag for search engines
  • Meta description - whether you have a readable meta description for search engines
  • Discoverable - whether the page is blocked from being indexed by search engines
  • hreflang tag present - whether the page has a valid `hreflang` in the markup
  • Document charset - whether the page has a valid charset defined
  • Font sizes - whether the page uses legible font sizes
  • HTTPS - whether the page loads over HTTPS
  • Canonical tag - whether the page has a valid `rel=canonical` tag in the markup
  • Image alt tags - if you have images on the page, whether the image elements have `[alt]` attributes present
  • Robots.txt exists - whether the robots.txt is present and valid

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Guest blogging for SEO backlinks

A study by SEMRush found 53% of digital marketing specialists say that guest blogging (or guest posting) is the most effective way to gain backlinks.

Aira in 2020 found that guest blogging was the 3rd most effective way to build backlinks over half of respondents said they use it.

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