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Posted: Thursday 4th April 2024

Solopreneur Mason Day has developed the Novogamer platform to help gaming communities share articles, reviews and more. It's a platform with content created by gamers, for gamers.

Write on, discover your audience, and make an impact with your gaming stories, reviews, and insights while building a community of like minded gamers.

Novogamer is the new blogging platform from Mason Day that brings a beautifully clean design and fresh thinking to blogging, focusing on the gaming community. With Novogamer you can publish your articles, view analytics around your reading audience and build friendship groups along with the usual features of likes and comments on articles or reviews.


The gaming community as a whole is ever expanding and now with this new dedicated gaming platform for authors and reviewers, there is a new corner of the internet to explore, learn and make friends in.

With comparison drawn between Medium, Wordpress and Blogger you'll find Novogamer sits up their with the industry standard blogging platforms and far ahead in terms of ease of use and design simplicity but why not try it out yourself.

This is all brought to you by Mason Day who's an entrepreneurial web developer also bringing you Check out his Twitter account for the latest news from Mason.

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