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Posted: Sunday 6th August 2023

Kansei's AI companion helps you practice languages at your own pace. Boost your proficiency and confidence in Spanish, English, or Japanese. screen shot

The emerging world of AI is helping developers and product creators in many different ways and Fernando with is making learning a language like Japanese much more dynamic and less intimidating using AI technology.

Using AI companions the anxiety of getting structure or word use incorrect has all but gone in comparison to talking to a human where emotion and confidence can be effected. With the reduced burden learning with AI could actually help improve proficiencies more quickly so interacting with a human can become far more enjoyable because of the practice obtained with AI and the intelligence AI brings to conversations with meaning and understanding but without judgement.

Fernando is the 1st customer of this app, he built it and he uses it and knows a lot about learning a new language. His passion for the project and language is evident on his Twitter and blog posts on about the progress being made so if you're in the market for learning Spanish, English or Japanese why not give it a try and if you love it make a donation to the project.

Go and see for your self, chat to a Spanish companion and start learning Spanish today.

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