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Posted: Tuesday 4th July 2023

Solopreneur Mason Day has developed an all-in-one SEO Toolkit resource for Developers and Content creators to use to ensure your able to get the best organic and social traffic possible for your website.

Looking to jump straight in and checkout the SEO Toolkit then go right ahead. If not lets take a look at what you can do with the SEO Toolkit.

Social share

The social share tool allows you to preview what your social profile might look like on different social platforms within the respective feeds. The tool currently gives you share examples based on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and MS Teams. This is great for making sure any shared content is displayed to maximise traffic back to your website.

Lighthouse Score

This tool takes the power of Google's Lighthouse tool from the developer tools embedded in the Google Chrome browser and brings it to a simple webpage for quick and easy access to check on any URL and see how well it's performing as it's rendered and scored across consistent metrics.

Link Checker

Link Checker can crawl your website and check for any broken links and provide a downloadable CSV report with just a few clicks, excellent for keeping your website free from broken links that can potentially harm your websites SEO score.

SSL Certificate Info

Curious about the SSL certificate or whether there is one on a certain website. This certificate tool from SEO Toolkit fetches the SSL information that's available and presents it quickly giving you information like the expiry date of an SSL certificate, the issuer of the SSL certificate and more.

DNS Info

Perhaps one of the most useful tools from SEO Toolkit if you are planning to move your domain registra and need to know the DNS records that you might need to re-create this tool provides a list of the records on the domain, the domain expiry and current registrar.

This is all brought to you by Mason Day who's an entrepreneurial web developer also bringing you Check out his Twitter account for the latest news from Mason.

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